Off the shelf software users only utilize 20% of the total features on a daily basis.
Custom software trims wasteful and expensive features enabling you to use 100% of the software you paid for.

Take a closer look at the software your organization uses to perform its’ operations on a daily basis.
Maybe it’s a CRM, an ERP, cloud based solutions, or a combination of multiple platforms. How many of the features within these platforms do you actually utilize and how many are simply part of the packages you purchased which have no relation to your business processes? If you find that you’re only using around 20% of the software’s functionality, you’re not alone.

Many SaaS solutions and industry specific software packages provide immense amounts of features and functionality that don’t make sense for your unique business model.
This occurrence is called “Feature Bloat” and it’s a result of software servicing a large generic group of businesses.

The problem here is quite simple: You’re paying for 100% of the service and only using around 20% in total.
Tacking on additional features may sound appealing at first, but we’ve all experienced the frustration of stumbling through buttons and forms in order to find that one tool we desire.

On the contrary, a new industry is emerging which provides businesses with lean software programs that are tailored to match their exact business needs.
These custom software solutions are developed with one customer in mind rather than hundreds, which enables the end user to have a software stack that puts usability and simplicity in the forefront, instead of heaps of bells and whistles that overcomplicate tasks and increase cost.

AltSource is a custom software development team that works alongside innovative leadership teams to craft and curate lean software specifically designed to tackle the toughest IT and software hurdles that companies face in today’s modern age.
We recognize the importance of meeting your exact needs, and because of this, we keep you closely involved throughout the agile development process to ensure the software exceeds your expectations. Best of all, you won’t be paying for features you’ll never use and you’ll own the code. No more paying expensive license fees or being kept hostage as your software provider raises their rates year after year.

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